get to know me better

My name is Vanda and I’m a writer, strategist and lifestyle blogger near Toronto, Canada, seeking a life of intention and wellness alongside my husband Alex, and our corgi pup, Bandit. You’re probably wondering about the blog title – the mindful wanderer –  and yes, that’s me. It’s probably the best way I can describe myself to someone who’s never met me. I am both mindful and a wanderer, in equal measure.

First, and foremost, I am and have always been a wanderer. Funny enough, it’s what my name actually translates to in German. It’s truly at the root of who I am. I’ve always had a curious mind, a free spirit and an open heart. I’m basically an open-faced sandwich. I have always been creative, loved exploring and I’m never more myself than when I’m travelling. Did I mention my weird love affair with airports? The mindful aspect of my life is one I grew into over time, by making small, everyday choices that make a positive impact on my life, of those around me, and our environment.

I have always loved making and documenting memories. Reading. Simple moments. Meaningful conversations, especially around the table, cup of coffee in hand. Road trips. Writing. Airports. Scandinavian aesthetic. Adventure.

This blog is an invitation for you to join me in finding beauty, depth and meaning in seeking a life of intention and wellness. In finding the magic in the mundane, pedestrian moments. In filling our lives from the inside out. In making connection and honest conversation a priority in our lives.

I’m so happy you’re here.