#MindfulMarch | What Is Mindfulness?


March is here, and with it comes a season of expectation, a hope that warmer days are just around the snow-covered corner. As we trade the thick parkas for lighter jackets, and put away those chunky winter sweaters, making more room in the closet, it gets me thinking of other things we can make room for in our lives. Room for mindfulness. Room to make healthier choices for ourselves and our environment. Room to play more, to get some sun, to put away the devices and have real life connections, around the dinner table or on a park bench.

This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, so I’ve decided to dedicate the month of March to a new series called #MindfulMarch. This month we’ll be exploring simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives (yes, the ones that are already filled to the brim with to-do lists and commitments), we will talk about mindful consumption, and lastly we’ll dive into a conversation about how to use mindfulness to set ourselves up for an intentional life. It’s an invitation to make room in our lives for the more meaningful conversations, the things that deeply matter to us, and also an encouragement to think beyond ourselves.

But before we start building, we need to have a solid understanding of the foundation. What is mindfulness, after all? According to the dictionary, it is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”. For me the words “mindful”, “intentional” and “conscious” have always felt interchangeable, because at their root they all carry the same essence. It is a promise to commit your attention to the present moment, to honour your very best self, and to make choices that create a positive impact on you, those around you, and your environment.

To me, mindfulness has always been an exercise of subtraction. The less distractions, the less things cluttering my space, the less noise, the happier and more centred I am.

If you’re a conscious consumer, or an individual that values mindfulness you were probably introduced to this lifestyle through something that moved you. Whether, like me, you realized the importance of minimalism in an all-too-consumeristic society. Maybe you were drawn to veganism because you wanted to reduce the environmental impact the agriculture industry has on the planet. Maybe you’re a strong advocate for slow fashion because you’ve seen a documentary that completely opened your eyes to a wasteful and corrupt industry. Maybe you’ve become educated to the drastic incline of plastic pollution and have decided to ditch it in exchange for reusable options. Whatever your arena is, it all plays into a bigger picture of “mindfulness” and the care for something much bigger than ourselves.

Our choices, no matter how small they may seem, add up and have the power to drastically impact us, our societies and our world.

I can’t wait to continue the conversation with you throughout the month of March and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn from you. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, on Twitter or leave a comment below. Use the hashtag #MindfulMarch, so I can easily see your posts, share them, answer any questions you might have and keep the conversation going.

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