Spring Bucket List

I find it a bit amusing to be sitting down and writing this post as I’m looking out the window at the gloomy sky and fresh snow on the ground (not to mention my wet sock from accidentally stepping in the puddle of salt water from my husband’s work boots - ah, the many joys of winter!). But I’m going to be as hopeful as the weather forecast, which is predicting nothing but sunny skies and thawing temperatures for the next little while.

Who would I be, if at the start of a new season, I wouldn’t have a list in hand? Please tell me you’re also like me. I have a list for everything. Groceries, travel plans, small things I need to write down in fear of forgetting, books I want to read, and everything else you can imagine. So is it really a surprise that I have a list of things I want to experience come a new season? No, not really. So here’s what my spring bucket list looks like.

Get outside.

After what feels like endless months of winter and staying cooped up indoors, I’m in desperate need to get outside and breathe something other than ventilated air. This spring I’m planning to spend more time outdoors, whether that be taking Bandit for longer walks, starting to run again, or even just doing my work on a cafe patio, al fresco. I want to enjoy a picnic in the park, Parisian-style, with a basket, a baguette, a cup of coffee and a good book to read under the shade of a tree. I want to explore the local trails, maybe even finally learn to ride a bike (but nowhere near cars and not downhill).

Explore more.

While I’ve done a pretty good job of not letting the colder weather interrupt my love for travel and exploration, there’s something to be said about roaming along new streets sans layers and a parka. We’ve just booked our trip to LA for end of May, but even beyond the more obvious travel plans, I’d like to explore in my own backyard. Things like vintage shops, flea markets, new bookstores, etc bring me such joy. Sometimes I forget that I don’t need to travel halfway around the world to find inspiration, creativity and beauty. I can find it wherever I am, if I pay close enough attention.

Create, create, create.

Lately, I’ve been craving to create. It might sound silly but when I was in college, I used to put on my headphones, stay up late at night and just…write. Honestly, some of my best work came out of those late hours. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost that sense of abandon when it comes to creating. I’ve become so much more concerned with routines and productivity that I’ve forgotten how freeing writing used to be for me. Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between a career and a passion, but this spring, I’ll be allowing myself to loosen up more and to put my regimented self on the top shelf while I get back to what really matters to me, and that is creating.

Tend to my garden.

Alex and I planted a micro-garden over the weekend and I’m so excited to see my parsley, cilantro and arugula sprout in a few weeks. I didn’t realize it until now, but there’s something so grounding (pun intended, I guess) about getting my hands dirty and tending to something. Somewhere between the layers of soil, the small little seeds, the watering and the natural sunlight, my worries fall away.

Rediscover my love for music.

I used to love music. I would play a song, lay on my bedroom floor (which I never thought to clean), close my eyes and just listen. I would fade away into the melody, listen to the lyrics and the outside world would just disappear for a while. Nowadays I feel guilty just sitting and listening to a song, so I’ll have it playing in the background as I cook or clean, but mostly, my space is quiet. The other day I sat on my window sill with a cup of coffee and listened to State Lines by Novo Amor. That’s it, that’s all I did. Do it too. Close your eyes and just listen. I’ve lost my appetite for life somewhere in the rush, and most days it takes an intentional effort to taste again.

Document moments better.

We’ve lived in our current loft for a year now and I have such few pictures of it. I want something to show my children someday, about the place that’s felt most like home to me. I want something to remember my life by, in case one day when I’m old and grey I forget it all. My hope this season is that I’ll pull out my phone more often, not to scroll social media, but to capture my life as I see it, with all of it’s messes and imperfections. With the coffee stains on the kitchen counter and the dog hair on the couch.

What is on your list this spring? How do you want to spend this season in your life?

Until next time,