Spring Skincare + Makeup Favourites


For me, spring always signals a fresh start. A change of routine. Coming out of hibernation and thawing under the warm sun. Swapping layers for dresses, knits for floral prints. Opening the window and pulling up the blinds. With the change in temperature and humidity, my skin always needs a change in routine as well, as it transitions into the warmer months. Today I’ll be sharing with you the products I’ve been reaching for the most these past couple of weeks.


- My go-to cleanser lately has been the Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser. I was introduced to this brand through the Brightening Cleanser, which I also liked a lot, and once I ran out I tried this one. I have dry and sensitive skin but this cleanser, which is full of antioxidant rosehip seed oil, mineral-rich seaweed extract, and vitamins A, C and E, has been so nourishing and hydrating. I use it both in the morning and at night time.

- If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I rave about the Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream. I was first recommended this eye cream by an old college girlfriend, and I’ve been using it since. Yes, that’s almost 9 years that I’ve been using this eye cream, and I haven’t found another that I like more or does the job better. My under-eye area is always dry, dull and tired-looking, no matter how much rest I get, so this cream is just a lifesaver for me. I use it in the morning, before applying my makeup.

- At night, I use the Pura Botanicals Neroli Eye Ritual under my eyes, allowing it to soak into the skin while I rest. Pura Botanicals is a Canadian brand based out of Edmonton and they formulate their products with fair-trade, sustainable ingredients, free of GMOs, synthetics, parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Also, it smells INCREDIBLE.

- In terms of serum, I’ve recently started using the HERBIVORE Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil and I’m really impressed with its consistency. This product, which is highly moisturizing, helps reduce dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture.

- Lastly, I apply moisturizer, and I haven’t swayed from the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve.


Face Masks:

About twice a week, I will give my skin that extra dose of hydration and care by doing a face mask. My two go-to’s are the Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask and the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask by Fresh.


When it comes to makeup, I’ll be honest, I can’t be bothered. I love products that are easy to apply, blendable, and versatile (this comes in especially handy when travelling). I use makeup as a way to enhance my features and give my skin a natural glow, so most of the makeup products I use are liquid or cream-based.

- I use the Kosas Tinted Face Oil for foundation, but only on days when my skin is looking especially red or textured. This product is so, so easy to use (just shake, put a couple of drops on a brush and blend away) and the formula contains jojoba seed oil, avocado oil and red raspberry seed oil, adding balance and hydration to my skin.

- I then go in with my tried-and-true concealer by Sappho in the shade Light. This cream-based product is so easy to blend into the under-eye area and it doesn’t crease at all. As you can see by how weathered it is and the fact that I’ve hit pan, this is a product I reach for a lot.

- If I’m feeling like I want to elevate my look (think date night, brunch, meetings, etc) I will dab a little bit of eyeshadow from the Tarte Toasted Palette on my lids. I mostly use the shades “latte”, “cozy” and “candle” when I was to add a little bit of glow to my look.

- For mascara, I use the Tarte Gifted Mascara, and I especially love that it’s formulated with Amazonian Clay to help repair, restore and hydrate lashes.

- Lastly, a swipe of Clove + Hallow lipstick in the shade Desert Rose on the lips and a roll of the Prada Candy perfume (my signature scent) and I’m good to go!


Self Care Products:

These products are neither skincare nor makeup, but I use them regularly so I thought I’d mention them to you, in case you might be on the hunt for something similar. I am so guilty of not using sunscreen in the past, but after doing some research about the impacts of sun and UV rays on the skin, I had to get my hands on a sunscreen that is both natural and effective. My friend recommended me the COOLA SPF 30 Face Matte Tint and I’ll be giving it a go over the next few weeks, especially with our LA trip just around the corner.

I’ve been on the hunt for a natural and aluminum-free deodorant for so, so long. I actually really like the Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream Grapefruit by meow meow tweet, but I recently started using the Charcoal + Magnesium deodorant by Schmidt’s and I really enjoy it as well. I do yoga and run regularly, and this deodorant holds up really well.

Lastly, this is a product I use from time to time when I want to give my hair a refresh. The Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist by HERBIVORE feels like a tropical vacation (it really helps the morale when you’re elbow deep in work or winter doesn’t seem to want to end).

That’s it for my spring skincare and makeup favourites! What products have been working really well for you? I’m always looking for new brands to try out (especially face masks!), so let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,