My Favourite Coffee Shops in Los Angeles


I’m just freshly unpacked from our trip to Los Angeles, but still thinking about the incredible coffee on the west coast. I was spoiled for nearly two weeks with freshly roasted, full-bodied and flavourful coffee, served in the most iconic and true-to-LA spaces.

Knowing I’d be writing this blog post, I was trying to think back to the first time I had coffee, and I honestly can’t remember. Probably because it was most likely a double-double from Tim Hortons (#Canada) and it was more sugar than coffee. I do, however, remember my first “real” coffee and it was at Matter of Taste, a family-owned coffee shop downtown. I asked for a “regular cup of coffee” and let me tell you, it was anything but regular. I’ve been slightly addicted to coffee ever since. I truly believe, down to my very core, that there’s nothing a good, warm, quality cup of coffee can’t help. It’s the first thing I think about every morning and it’s what I reach for when I’m curling up on the couch to read, when I’m out and about, or when I just need an extra jolt in my day.

It’s no surprise that when I travel, I’m always on the lookout for places to grab coffee. Los Angeles, it turns out, is heaven for people like me, because coffee shops can be found on nearly every street. Since this was my third time visiting LA, I’ve become familiar with the city and where the best places (in my humble opinion) to grab coffee are, so if you’re planning a trip anytime soon be sure to save this blog post for reference.

Cafecito Organico

This coffee shop and independent roaster, tucked away in the hills of Silver Lake, is by far my favourite place to spend time and drink a cup of coffee in all of LA. They work with small growers and family farms to produce high quality coffees sustainably, and they ensure producers can sustain a livelihood and the workers are treated and paid fairly. To top off their conscious and ethical operations, the coffee shop is a hidden gem, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You go inside to order your coffee and then enjoy it outside in the fresh California air, shaded by palm trees. Bring a book, order your favourite coffee, sink into the well-worn couches and spend an afternoon blissfully relaxed. Otherwise, bring your computer and get some work done. This space is inviting to all sorts of activities. My favourite? People watching while sipping on an americano.


Another one of my favourites is Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters, particularly the one in Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard. I’ve also visited the one in Venice, but there’s something about the terracotta exterior and Greece-inspired tile of this location that just drew me in. This is one of those coffee shops where you’ll see people working away on their laptops, deep in concentration, or gathered outside trading stories over steaming cups of coffee. You’ll likely also spot a celebrity (I saw Sophia Amoruso when I was waiting in line for my coffee).

Alfred Coffee

With locations in most neighbourhoods in LA, Alfred Coffee is a well known and loved spot to grab coffee (they also have a tea room and matcha bar for all of you tea drinkers). I’m especially fond of their Melrose location and its “this morning, with her, having coffee” banner. They’re a fun, trendy and cheeky brand and I’m here for it.

There are many great places to enjoy quality and thoughtfully-made coffee in LA such as Blue Bottle, Larchmont Bungalow & Café or Cafe Gratitude, so surely you will find a place to satisfy your taste buds. These are some of my favourite coffee shops that I always gravitate towards when the caffeine tank is low.

I’m already thinking of my next americano on the sunny, west coast.

Until next time,