Slow Living Ways To Enjoy Summer

Photo by  Cody Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

Hello my beautiful friends,

I can’t believe we’re already a week into the month of August. While I have to confess that I’m yearning for cooler mornings, changing leaves and cozy sweaters, a part of me is still wanting to hang on to summer a little while longer. I want just another sangria on the rooftop patio. I want just another day where I can throw on a loose dress and walk to get ice cream. If you, like me, want to cherish the remaining days of the season, here are a few slow living ways to do just that.

  • Visit the thrift store and purchase a wicker basket (Value Village has 2 for $1 baskets right now). Bring it with you on your next outing to the farmer's market and fill it with seasonal fruits and vegetables. My favourite? Peaches and corn. Don't forget some flowers for the dining room table.

  • Take a nap in the sunshine.

  • Pack a picnic (maybe even repurpose that wicker basket) with your favourite snacks. A baguette, some cheese, jam. Bring a blanket and go to the nearest park. Take off your shoes and feel the grass tickle your feet. Lay down and watch the clouds go by and the trees shifting in the breeze. Marvel at how everything, eventually, changes. Realize your part in it.

  • Read something new. Immerse yourself in a new genre or a really great book. Expand your cultural palate through literature. Travel vicariously through the characters and explore the vineyards in the South of France, the fish markets in Japan or the incredible sights in Argentina.

  • Tend to your garden, if you have one. Water it every evening and watch it grow. Harvest those tomatoes and cucumbers and enjoy them in a salad. That is the taste of creating something from scratch.

  • Go on a hike and lose yourself in nature. Listen to the birds and the movement of the trees. Take in that fresh and earthy smell. If you come across a river, take off your shoes and dip your toes in. Lift your face towards the sunshine and drink it in. Forget everything else.

  • Make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy the process. Take it to a patch of sunshine on your floor and put on your favourite song at the moment. Sit there, sip, and be thankful for this moment of calm and joy, surrounded by simplicity. Realize how little you actually need to be completely happy.

  • String bistro lights in your backyard (or balcony), cut up some watermelon, pour some wine and invite your girlfriends to join for some time together, al fresco. Enjoy their company and deepen those bonds.

  • When the sun is setting, go for a walk. Say hello to your neighbours BBQ-ing outside. Smile at the dogs passing you by (maybe even ask nicely to pet them). Take a deep breath, maybe the biggest you've taken all day. Watch the golden light bathe the houses and the trees. Imagine all of the people living in the houses you're passing by and wish them all well in your mind. Practice gratitude for your health, for your family, for your friends. For the job that you have that allows you to pay the bills. For the partner that you have that supports you and makes you laugh. For the ways we're all loosely connected. For every great book you've read and the minds that wrote them. For summer and warmth. Take this feeling of gratitude with you into every day and watch how your life changes and grows.

How will you enjoy this last little bit of summer?

Until next time,